The following Terms and Conditions, known as Appendix B, are in addition to the Terms and Conditions set on your registration form (both paper and online, or as explained verbally for over-the-phone registrations). The initial acceptance of Terms and Conditions confirms initiation into the program and implies acceptance for all successive registrations in Aqua Fun Academy programs.

By proceeding with the booking you accept and agree with Aqua Fun Academy that the booking, if accepted by us, shall be on the terms and conditions as follows:


Release From Liability

Release from Liability: (a) hereby waive and forever discharge Aqua Fun Academy, its employees, agents and officers from all claims, damages, costs and expenses in respect to injury or damage to my/their person or property, however caused, which may occur as a result of my/their participation in the program in any location where there program is being held (e.g. field trips, organized swims, etc.).


Security Deposit Authorization

Authorization: (b)

  1. New clients must provide a credit card authorization or imprint upon initial registration.
  2. Credit card authorization will remain for all future bookings with Aqua Fun Academy, and a new credit card authorization must be provided prior to expiration of the previous credit card.
  3. This authorisation may be used to cover incidental items including but not limited to unintended before and/or after care or deposit for any breakages or damage incurred during your visit or cleaning charges in excess of the normal level of cleaning.
  4. The pre-authorisation process validates your credit card, and protects both the cardholder and merchant from increasing fraud incidents.
  5. Where a credit card is not available a minimum $200.00 cash deposit will be required on registration.



Refunds/Credits: (c) A refund will be given (less $125.00 registration fee per student per session) provided:

Notice of cancellation is received three weeks prior to the starting day of the session, provided we are able to fill your spot. No other refunds will be made, as your spot in the class has been reserved throughout the session(s). A credit (less $125.00 registration fee) will be given if notice of cancellation is received during the session, and is for medical reasons and is supported by a medical statement. The amount of the monetary refund or credit, as applicable, for each student will be equal to the paid registration fee less a pro-rated portion of the registration fee (for lessons taken, used or elapsed prior to receipt of written notice of withdrawal, as applicable, including any lessons scheduled to occur less than 24 hours from receipt of notice of withdrawal) and a per student administration fee of $125.00. All requests for monetary refunds or credits must be made in writing;

Up until 3 weeks prior to session beginning$125/child deposit is withheld
3 weeks up to and during first week of the session$50/child administrative fee, class fee plus $125/child deposit is withheld
After the first weekNo refund available


Scheduling/Make-up Policy

Scheduling/Make-up Policy: (d) acknowledges that the undersigned or the undersigned’s child(ren) participating in a “Aqua Fun Academy” program will only be entitled to a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per session if the office has been contacted by telephone or email (personal message) AT LEAST 24 HOURS before the class to be missed. If prior notice of the absence (including the name, home telephone number and class time of the student) is not received, no make-up will be available. You are responsible to be in contact with Aqua Fun Academy after you have given the required telephone absence notification, to arrange a make-up class (based on availability). Aqua Fun Academy makes no guarantees that the student will have his/her regular instructor for the make-up lesson. No monetary refunds will be available for missed classes (whether or not Aqua Fun Academy has received prior notice). Make-up lessons may be used only during the current session. There will be no make-up lessons for the last class in each sessionThere will be no make-ups on make-ups. You will be contacted if we cannot accommodate your requested class day, time and location to arrange a mutually available alternative.


NSF Cheques

NSF Cheques: (e) Any cheque returned due to non-sufficient funds must be replaced immediately with a new cheque covering the full amount owing, together with an administration charge of $30.00.


Pool Fouling

Pool Fouling: (f) Unfortunately, on occasion, pools have to be closed in an untimely manner due to pool fouling. Health regulations require that our pools be closed anywhere from 1 to 24 hours for necessary disinfecting. Aqua Fun Academy will provide a makeup class in this instance. Please exercise precaution and feed your children after their swimming lesson or two hours before. Have them use the washroom before entering the water and at any time needed during the lesson.


Information and Registration

Information and Registration: (g) The information in the registration Form is true and correct; and the undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read and understood all policies and information contained in this Terms and Conditions form and the registration form.