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Swimming Tip Tuesday

Swimming Tip Tuesday: Back Crawl

In Today’s Swimming Tip Tuesday: A breath is taken every time an arm completes a full cycle. Try breathing in as one arm passes your ear and exhale as the other arm passes.

Breathing, something we do every single day of our lives. Breathing in passion, and breathing out results! Breathing, as it is something we do involuntarily should be easy enough to do in the water! Integrating our movements to sync up with our breathing requires a little more thought than expected. Though while swimming on our back a swimmer has the added advantage that their face is out of the water for the duration of the stroke. So, when do we breathe? In any exercise, we want to exhale on the effort and inhale during the recovery phase.

In back crawl the effort is when the arm is re-entering the water, during the push phase. While the recovery phase is when the water enters the air, or exits the water, both of these elements are what compose a complete cycle of back crawl arms. Understanding the basic mechanics of the stroke it should be easy to break down when to breathe.

However, when back crawl is done both arms move juxtaposed. Meaning one arm is always in the opposite phase to the other. To get around this conundrum, the swimmer can focus on one arms cycle and co-ordinate their breathing in time with that arm. Our dominant arm can vary from sport to sport, so an easy way to find out which of the two is a swimmers’ dominant arm, is to take note of which arm the swimmer start their stroke with. When the swimmers dominant arm is out of the water they must remember to inhale, similarly when the swimmers dominant arm is in the water, they must remember to exhale.Swimming Tip Tuesday

Swimming Tip Tuesday

Swimming Tip Tuesday: Beach Waves

Our Swimming Tip Tuesday of the week:

As we shift into warmer weather, our Tip Tuesday is going to touch on beach and waterfront safety.
Beach waves are fun to play in, but can also be incredibly unpredictable. Getting swept in a wave is very common. To be sure you don’t get caught off guard, always face the wave. If you can see it, you can prepare for it.

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Wave Safety

Euro 2016 Swimming Wanderlust Wednesday: Stade Nautique

Today’s Swimming Wanderlust Wednesday: Stade Nautique

Even though we’re swimmers, we also love soccer! If you’re in France for the Euro Cup and need something to do between games, try dropping into the Stade Nautique in Auxerre, just south east of Paris. It boasts four heated indoor swimming pools with jacuzzi, and three outdoor swimming pools, one of which is olympic sized. If you’re coming in from a board short country, beware: the fashion police... I mean lifeguards… will make sure only Speedos are worn in the facility. Oh, and there’s a water slide. 


Stade Nautique

Swimming Tip Tuesday

Swimming Tip Tuesday: Aerobic Benefits

Our Swimming Tip Tuesday of the week:

As we shift into warmer weather, our Tip Tuesday is going to touch on more of the benefits of swimming in general.
Consider swimming as your summer exercise. Swimming develops high quality aerobic endurance, the most important key to physical fitness. In other sports an hour of practice may yield as little as 10 minutes of meaningful exercise. Age group swimming teams use every precious minute of practice time developing fitness and teaching skills.

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Swimming develops high quality aerobic endurance

Swimming Motivation Monday: Relaxing

Today’s Swimming Motivation Monday:

Being productive 100% of the time isn’t possible, so don’t feel guilty for just relaxing.

We love May-Two-Four because it marks the unofficial start of the Canadian summer season. Sometimes Monday Motivation works both ways. Wishing all Canadians a beautiful start to warmer weather, and enjoy the day off.


Being productive 100% of the time

Swimming Wanderlust Wednesday: Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

Today’s Swimming Wanderlust Wednesday: Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

We’re running away to the Maldives this Wanderlust Wednesday to enjoy one of the few places in the world where the ocean glows in the dark. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort is a tropical paradise hidden away in the Indian Ocean. The ocean pours into the shallow wading pool as you cross your way to dinner on the pier. Just all around perfection.


Anantara Dhigu Resort

Wishing You a Happy July!

Wishing all of our friends and followers a happy July. We hope you’re all enjoying your summer and all of the beautiful sunshine. We look forward to kick starting the summer swim season next week!

Pan-Am, Meet Toronto

With the Pan-Am games starting in 11 days, the city of Toronto has put in their bold efforts into the largest swimming stadium ever built for these events. The CIBC Pan-Am Stadium with a 10 lane Olympic sized swimming pool is a new standard being set by the city. This new stadium is the paramount for all swimming events, alongside, a similarly sized pool (in fact, the very first 10 lane, Olympic sized pool in York Region) has been built in Markham.

The key use for this new Markham pool is for the water polo games, whereas the main events of Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Aquatic Swims are being held at the CIBC stadium. The Pan-Am Games begin July 10, with Aquatic Swims beginning on the 14th.

CIBC Pan-Am Stadium Markham Pan-Am Stadium

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