Navigating COVID-19

September 2020 Update

We apologize for the lack of communication the past few weeks. We have been undergoing a period of transition as new personnel joined our customer service team, so we thank you for your kindness and patience through this change. We assure you that our response time has now improved.

We are excited to resume swimming classes at the safest possible opportunity. The past month we have been working with our counterparts at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), whose locations we use, and Toronto Public Health (TPH), who must give a final approval to the TDSB to reopen facilities. In order to keep families and children safe, all extracurricular activities operating using TDSB facilities, including ours, have been postponed until it is safe to re-open.

Aqua Fun Academy’s main priority is to ensure the safety of our swimmers. We anticipate a return to operations in the near future. When it is safe to resume, rest assured that we will be contacting you to return. We are excited to welcome you back on deck soon.

We appreciate your loyalty and patience during this difficult time for parents and their families, for AFA personnel and our community at large.

What Other Parents are Doing

In the meantime, let us share the current trend with Aqua Fun customers. Many Aqua Fun customers have been requesting to switch their AFA credit over to LRNG Academy. Parents are now prioritizing learning services over extracurriculars due to their child’s safety and the need for learning continuity. LRNG Academy is a leader in virtual learning for Pre-K to Grade 12 students, presented in a way that is healthy, interactive and engaging for younger learners. LRNG’s experienced educators can help your child navigate this new world of classroom anxiety and eLearning to make sure all grade level expectations are met. If you would like LRNG to help, this wonderful non-profit organization would be happy to honour your Aqua Fun credits.

If you are interested in taking advantage of LRNG’s enrichment or homework support programs, please feel free to reply back to this email. You can also contact LRNG’s customer service team directly at letting them know you would like to use your AFA credit with LRNG, and they will be happy to get you started.