Aqua Fun Academy enjoys a diverse and globally oriented clientele, all of whom have one (amongst many other) thing in common, their love of swimming. In this day and age, there are so many schools to choose from. But a swimming pool is a swimming pool.

The real difference lives in the personal experiences of our clients, and our staff and support personnel shape those experiences from our swimming pool to their own backyard pools to their vacation hotspots and beyond…

Our #InspiredBy campaign offers a new perspective to both our current and prospective clientele. Instead of advertising swimming lessons, Aqua Fun Academy is keen to show the inspirational events experienced by our swimmers outside of our Toronto
swimming pool. Almost every week one of our instructors hears from a client about a journey abroad in which either they or their child(ren) performed some new swimming skill on some foreign resort, beach or waterfront. Our goal is to turn these motivational stories into inspiration for others to follow.  From the beaches of Florida to Costa Rica to Spain, Aqua Fun Academy’s reach is truly global. Yes, those are real locations where AFA’s clients go to swim, and yes, it’s all about the people.

Our #InspiredBy campaign was itself inspired by Lufthansa’s own groundbreaking #InspiredBy campaign. Launched in 2013, Lufthansa’s globetrotters and crew post accounts of inspirational events experienced on their travels. Current clients can participate by posting on social media (we are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn) with the hashtags #InspiredBy and #AquaFunAcademy. They can also reach out to us directly to have their story featured on our blog.

Swimming differs from other organized sports. The primary purpose of our mission is not fun or teamwork or other buzzwords sports groups will use to lure you in, but rather to prepare for the real danger of drowning and water related emergencies. Learning with us has expanded our students’ horizons, as they no longer need to stand on the shoreline (or deck line) but can now cross it. We just happen to also make it fun!