Health & Wellness

Why does AFA’s schedule seem to have more available spots than other swim programs? 

Our proprietary scheduling algorithm combined with long-term bookings from our loyal clients allows for a more efficient schedule setup. That’s why almost every course always seems open. Our algorithm’s efficiency also means we’ll never cancel a course on you, so you can book worry-free!

Please note private options are not available for Health & Wellness Courses.

Why should children have all the fun? Our adult only programs are geared towards making sure everyone 18+ also has a good time in the water. Health and fitness is an Aqua Fun initiative to encourage more adults to participate in water activities. The water presents a whole new world of exercises for you to explore.

Want to learn how to swim? Our adult swim classes are right for you. Maybe you want to use the low-friction qualities of water to exercise. Try AquaFit for a high intensity hot water workout. Or take yoga to the next level with hot water yoga. With water removing the effects of gravity your body is able to find the optimum stretch. Our water yoga classes are one of a kind in Toronto.

And, of course, our adult programs are during our youth, leadership and adult times.

Learn more about our adult health and fitness programs below.

Adult Swimming Classes


Hot Water Yoga​