Winter 2020 Health and Wellness Course List

Why does AFA’s schedule seem to have more available spots than other swim programs? 

Our proprietary scheduling algorithm combined with long-term bookings from our loyal clients allows for a more efficient schedule setup. That’s why almost every course always seems open. Our algorithm’s efficiency also means we’ll never cancel a course on you, so you can book worry-free!

Learn to Swim courses can be offered as private or semi private, with the exception of Aqua Speed courses.

Private: $452.00 + Tax for single registrant.
Registration for private can be done either online or over the phone. Availability for private is displayed on the courses page, and is updated regularly on the registration form.

Semi Private: $402.00 + Tax per registrant. 2 swimmers required.
Registration for semi private must be done over the phone only. Semi private classes are set up as custom courses, and the registrant must provide both swimmers for the semi private class (sibling, friend, etc…). Both swimmers must have similar swimming competency, i.e. within two swim levels of each other. If you do not have two available swimmers please consider private or group options instead.