Terms & Conditions

Les Conditions générales suivantes, connues sous le nom d'Annexe B, s'ajoutent aux conditions générales fixées sur votre formulaire d'inscription (papier et en ligne, ou comme expliqué verbalement pour les inscriptions par téléphone). L'acceptation initiale des Conditions d'utilisation confirme l'initiation au programme et implique l'acceptation de toutes les inscriptions successives dans les programmes de l'Aqua Fun Academy.

The user of an Aqua Fun Academy service is herein referred to as “The Client”, “The Participant”, “The Swimmer”, “The Parent”, “The Guardian” or “The Undersigned”.

En procédant à la réservation que vous acceptez et en accord avec Aqua Fun Academy que la réservation, si elle est acceptée par nous, doit être sur les conditions suivantes:

Libération de la responsabilité

The client hereby waives and forever discharges Aqua Fun Academy, its employees, agents and officers from all claims, damages, costs and expenses in respect to injury or damage to the client’s person or property, however caused, which may occur as a result of the client’s participation in the program in any location where there program is being held (e.g. field trips, organized swims, etc.). The client includes all participants under the client’s family account (eg. children, spouses, parents, etc…).

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The client can provide authorization through either:

For in-person registrations: signature of an Aqua Fun Academy Registration Form or providing the the card verification value (CVV) of the client’s credit card.

For online registrations: acceptance of terms and conditions at the end of the online registration form.

For over-the-phone registrations: through providing the card verification value (CVV) of the client’s credit card.

Les nouveaux clients doivent fournir une autorisation de carte de crédit ou une empreinte lors de l'inscription initiale. 
In situations where the client cannot provide written authorization
L'autorisation de carte de crédit restera pour toutes les réservations futures avec Aqua Fun Academy, et une nouvelle autorisation de carte de crédit doit être fournie avant l'expiration de la carte de crédit précédente.
Cette autorisation peut être utilisée pour couvrir les articles accessoires, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, les frais de nettoyage non intentionnels avant et/ou après les soins ou les dépôts pour toute rupture ou dommage subi lors de votre visite ou des frais de nettoyage supérieurs au niveau normal de nettoyage.
Le processus de pré-autorisation valide votre carte de crédit et protège à la fois le titulaire de la carte et le commerçant contre les incidents de fraude croissants.
Lorsqu'une carte de crédit n'est pas disponible, un dépôt en espèces minimum de 200 $ sera exigé lors de l'inscription.

Cancellation Policy

Classes may be cancelled for a credit up to one week prior to the start date of the season, free of penalty. No monetary refunds will be given. Your family account will be credited the full tuition amount. 

Classes that are cancelled less than one week prior to the start of the season will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.00. The remaining tuition fees will be credited back to your family account. 

Once the session begins, lessons that have occurred (regardless of attendance) will not be credited back to your account. You will be charged a cancellation fee of $125.00 and receive the tuition fees for the remaining number of classes in the form of a credit back to your family account. 

We reserve the right to cancel single or multiple lessons for any reason and return the tuition balance for the aforementioned cancelled single or multiple lessons in the form of a credit back to your family account.

This cancellation policy applies to all Aqua Fun Academy services, including but not limited to swimming, leadership, health and wellness, and summer camp services.

Politique de planification/maquillage

The participant or parent or guardian of a minor participant acknowledges that the undersigned or the undersigned’s child(ren) participating in a “Aqua Fun Academy” program will only be entitled (at Aqua Fun Academy’s sole discretion) to a maximum of two (2) make-up lessons per session if the office has been contacted by telephone or email (personal message) at least 24 hours before the class to be missed. If prior notice of the absence (including the name, primary telephone number and class time of the student) is not received, no make-up will be available. 

You are responsible to be in contact with Aqua Fun Academy after you have given the required telephone absence notification, to arrange a make-up class (based on availability). Aqua Fun Academy makes no guarantees that the student will have his/her regular instructor for the make-up lesson. No monetary refunds or credits will be available for missed classes (whether or not Aqua Fun Academy has received prior notice). Make-up lessons may be used only during the current session. There will be no make-up lessons for the last two classes in each session. There will be no make-ups on make-ups. You will be contacted if we cannot accommodate your requested class day, time and location to arrange a mutually available alternative. 

Makeup classes are a privilege afforded to the client by Aqua Fun Academy, and Aqua Fun Academy can in its sole discretion revoke any and all makeup classes at any time, for any reason or no reason at all, without any alternative arrangements, accommodation or compensation.

Chèques NSF

Any cheque returned due to non-sufficient funds must be replaced immediately with a new cheque covering the full amount owing, together with an administration charge of $30.00.

Encrassement de piscine

Unfortunately, on occasion, pools have to be closed in an untimely manner due to pool fouling. Health regulations require that our pools be closed anywhere from 1 to 24 hours for necessary disinfecting. Aqua Fun Academy will provide a makeup class in this instance. Please exercise precaution and feed your children after their swimming lesson or two hours before. Have them use the washroom before entering the water and at any time needed during the lesson.

Informations et inscription

The information in the registration Form is true and correct; and the undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read and understood all policies and information contained in this Terms and Conditions form and the registration form.

Terms and Conditions last updated: August 1, 2019 for programs beginning Fall 2019.