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Aqua Fun Academy boasts some of the most experienced world class swim instructors. Meet them below!
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Hannah, Registered Early Childhood Educator

What lies in the future is all up to the children of today! Hannah strongly believes in this and that children are all smart and unique in their own way. Being able to foster their growth and push them to succeed to their fullest potential is very important. Growing up Hannah has always have had a passion for teaching. What started with pretending to teach her dolls sparked into an interest with working with children. As a graduate of the Early Childhood Studies program, Hannah strives to create an environment that is inclusive and student-centered and aims to bring her philosophy of education into being a classroom teacher one day.

Eamon, Head Instructor and Resident Specialist

Eamon is the most veteran instructor at Aqua Fun Academy, having been here since its inception. He assumes the rule of Head Instructor and Swim Behaviour Specialist, among other things. Studying Psychology at York University, he is fascinated with behaviour and the different kinds of swimmer behaviour types he has found. Having been in the water since a very young age himself, his focus is primarily on a child’s initial reaction to the water, and assessing how to ease their transition in.


While Onieka’s specialization is first aid training, she still loves every opportunity to get in the water and put a smile on a swimmer’s face. Her pedigree and eminence in the water can be traced to her undergraduate studies in kinesiology and sociology, used to bend children into learning without realizing (literally and figuratively). A strict disciplinarian on the surface, her childlike sense of fun and wonder make her quick to connect with kids of all ages, which in turn make swimming classes with Onieka lean and efficient. When she’s not turning swimmers into all that they can be, she’s galvanizing crowds all over the city with her poetic and illustrious spoken word.

Specialization: First Aid, Stroke Improvement, Water Comfort


Robert was put into swimming classes when he was 8. While all he did was belligerently cause trouble at first, he had immense support from instructors and his parents which changed his attitude towards swimming. Robert’s aquatic experience stems from various municipalities within the Greater Toronto Area. He also participates in annual lifesaving competitions to keep his skills fresh. Robert is very patient when it comes to teaching new swimming skills because he understands it can get difficult. His idea of an effective class is a balance between hard work and fun! When Robert is not splashing around in a pool he attends York University in pursuit of a kinesiology degree. You can also find him on various gym floors toning his vascular system.

Specialization: Stroke Improvement, Competition, Endurance


It is rumoured that Anjali’s first student was a young green lizard who she, lovingly named Liz. The legend goes that Liz became the first lizard to be able to perform the front stroke, and now assists Anjali on her quest to spread the joys of swimming to the world! When Anjali isn’t guiding kids on the path of learning, exploration and wonder at your local elementary school, Anjali brings magic to our swimmers at AFA! Every lesson is an adventure as they mimic starfish, jump like frogs, and yes, even swim with the fishes!

Specialization: Stroke Improvement, Water Comfort


Diving head-first into the world of aquatics at age four, Samantha’s love for swimming has led her to teaching at AFA. She began swimming competitively at the age of eleven and in later years she qualified for her school board’s provincial competition, OFSAA for two seasons in a row. With her enthusiasm and keen eye for improving technique, Samantha shares her passion for swimming with her students, motivating them to achieve their goals. When she’s not busy in the pool making waves, you can find her at the piano, playing classics… and sometimes her favorite Broadway show tunes!

Specialization: Competition, Specialized Techniques


Menashe is currently a 4th year Kinesiology and Health Science student at York University. He has been around a swimming pool all his life. He learned how to swim when he was 3 years old and joined a competitive team when he was 8 to compete all around Ontario up to the provincial level. He have been teaching for over 5 years at all levels and enjoys teaching fitness the most!

Alex B.

Alex has been swimming since he was 4 and started aquatic leadership training at the age of 12. Even though he wasn’t the strongest of swimmers he still joined his school swim team. Since then Alex has been swimming competitively in competitions across Ontario. In 2016 Alex competed at OPFSA, the provincial swimming competition for Ontario. He’s been training under the wing of AFA’s Director of Operations, Sayon, since he was 14 and groomed into ASAC’s dedicated assistant coach. He’s been in love with teaching ever since.

Hall of fame

Aqua Fun Academy’s Hall of Fame
The purpose of the Aqua Fun Academy Hall of Fame is to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves during the course of their employment with AFA, by virtue of their performance, or by meritorious service.


John has been swimming since the age of 4. Although he started out with an unbearable fear of the water, his instructor’s unending patience allowed him to gain more confidence. As he continued to grow, his passion for swimming eventually sparked leading him into competitive swimming, coaching, and teaching. Today, using the same skills he was once taught along with a patient and welcoming personality, he strives to make swimming a valuable and unforgettable experience at AFA.

Specialization: Competition, Coaching, Stroke Improvement


Specialization: Stroke Improvement, Competition, Endurance


Marisa was thrown into the pool at the young age of 2 months and has been in love with the water ever since. As a toddler she embraced the adventure of treasure hunting for dive sticks and squirters, which now manifests itself through other casual and relaxed activities such as cliff jumping, canoeing, and caving. Her bright energy, patience, light humor and keen eye for the technical aspect of strokes helps swimmers of all ages strive to reach their goals and discover abilities they never even knew they had. When she’s not falling off a cliff or treasure hunting in dark caves with her fedora and whip, she spends most of her extra time dancing wherever she can, competing all over the world. Keep an eye out for a one-woman flash mob – that’ll be Marisa.

Specialization: Stroke Improvement, Water Comfort


While historians have speculated that Natalie was born a mermaid, more recent evidence uncovered suggests that Natalie in fact made first contact with water at the age of 6. The legend goes that her swim strokes were so synchronized that not a single wave was created. She carried that grace back to dry land through her second muse, dance, which she is now perfecting through her BFA Honours at York University. She carries that same level of training and discipline with the swimmers she teaches, to the point that some swimmers have reported growing gills!

Specialization: Stroke Improvement, Competition, Endurance


Maria’s passion for swimming began from the age of 8, which led her to pursue competitive swimming, lifesaving and first aid, as well as teaching swimming to all age groups. Her friendliness, patience and positive attitude interact with children and give exciting lessons. She hopes to inspire many to pursue their love for swimming.

Specialization: Competition, Lifesaving, Water Comfort, First Aid


Michelle has always loved the water and swimming which inspired her to become a lifeguard and swimming instructor. She also competes in lifesaving competitions since she enjoys testing her abilities in lifesaving. Her favourite part of teaching swimming is working with children and gradually see them improve into great, confident swimmers. She is currently studying neuroscience at McGill University.

Specialization: Lifesaving, Endurance, Water Comfort, First Aid


Nicole has been an aquatics instructor for over a year but her love and passion for aquatics stems all the way back to her childhood days. She is great with children and truly values learning and development.

Specialization: Endurance, Stroke Development

Alex C.

My name is Alex, I’ve been teaching since 2009,
I have been swimming since I was five but I remember just fine.
Learning flutter kicks, back floats, and breast stroke too,
I remember my struggles, but most of all HOW my teachers helped me through.
I wasn’t the best swimmer until I trained with my high school swim team,
This gave me many teaching tools, so that one day you may achieve your dream!

Specialization: Children, Diving


Itay’s long-lasting romance with the water started in infancy with great fear of baths. In the years that followed, he took swimming lessons, enrolled in competitve swimming and water polo, as well as coached and instructed since 2005. He hopes to earn  an advanced degree in underwater archaeology, and so his current project is SCUBA diving. Itay is thrilled to be part of the AFA team and inspire the love of the water to the younger generation.

Specialization: Endurance, Stroke Development