The Aqua Fun Difference

Who we are

Aqua Fun Academy’s core strength is its cutting edge and constantly progressing curriculum that focuses on individualized swimmer learning within a small group environment. Aqua Fun’s mission is to bring a superior learning experience for all swimmers, and it does so through its team of some of Canada’s most experienced swim instructors who have a passion for teaching.

The AFA Difference

Water can be either a very enjoyable or a very traumatizing experience. If you or your child is generally uncomfortable around water (i.e. a cryer, clutcher or just refuses to go in the water), then sending yourself or your child to a municipal program can be counter-productive and can cause further traumatic experiences. Most municipal instructors are new to the workforce and have no sensitivity training or experience with how to approach swimmers who are uncomfortable with water, which can further harm the swimmer. AFA instructors are specially trained in dealing with these kinds of difficult situations, and have specialized techniques in getting swimmers comfortable with water. That way swimmers can get down to learning and fun sooner. So if you or your child is uncomfortable with water, don’t risk it, come to the professionals at Aqua Fun Academy!